So to screw you they need to screw their entire network.

Selling FSN for 8000 Sats per coin.

I never liked POW. I am a fan of POS, DPOS, and POA.

Nice in depth analysis of FSN by altcoin buzz

Thomas Andersen
Sweet. I like altcoin buzz.

Stopped watching after the reason of mention was the Huobi pump effect on cmc.

Thomas Andersen
Is that in depth?

I don't know but they highlighted "Fusion riding out of nowhere to place 88". Stating something like this means they know 0.

So, not worth the watch.

Well. I guess any attention is better than none. But the reason for the pump should be explained.

Hey guys why is fusion rocketing?

Will this keep happening? For the next few hours

How come fusion has moved 97% upwards

Johan Pihl
It hasn't

If it had you'd see lots of rocket GIFs innit?

Clearly where looking at the different coin

How is fusion trading on huobi when you can deposit or withdraw

Can’t what? Bro it’s gone up 🚀

Fsn can't be deposited on the exchange but yet the price is going up.

It’s working for me

What kind of sense does that make

I can deposit and withdraw

What exchange are u using

Fsn is only trading on binance dex. And that volume is $102

Fusion is wash trading

So the fsn trading on huobi isn’t the same as the one on hotbit? 🤔