Hes not the creator of those

He created bitse, qtum and vechain came from bitse

Its different

Everybody stay calm please. I will explain.

Can I have the bitse website link please

Bitse has been officially renamed now to Vechain Foundation.. someone correct me if im wrong

The website link does not work since beginning of August.

Mmm i dont know enough about that point to answer

Mister Qian created Bitse and it was the incubator of VeChain and Qtum. Sunny Lu and Patrick Dai were the COO / CTO of Bitse.

Roger Syt
Really? Did you actually read the WanChain whitepaper

Okay I thought WanChain was only a cross chain. My bad. Interesting, I will read the WP.

@RkadSG When was presale?

It began at the beginning on the month and has just ended

Are there any dates for ICO?

@RkadSG Will there be a personal cap for public sale?

Beginning of February (scroll up) 🙄

Rudy @Fusion Foundation

No. I mean a max personal contribution?

Sorry, I don’t have the terms of the public ICO. It will be share at the beginning of February on the website www.fusion.org.

i hope that doesnt mean 1 eth cap per person

If Dejun Qian is not very active on this chat it is because in China, people need a VPN to connect on telegram. I asked him to come five minutes to answer your questions.

DJ can you advise why Wanxiang is no longer partnered

Yes ask your questions by mentioning DJ. Like that he will answer to all your questions as soon as he will be connected on Telegram

DJ i have sent you a dm. When you get a moment could you please reply. Thank you!!

DJ will there be personal cap for the crowdsale? like 1 eth per person?

really not easy to get on telegram

expressVPN simplifies it

thats not confirmed yet

they are doing ico in new way Jono said

that is supposed to be fair

We are making a video to introduce our very creative way to do ico this time