Satoshi Nakamoto
May Fusion on binance🤔🤔🤔🤔

With you/him ☝️in our group sky is the limit. 😂😂😂

Fusion is back to poison 272... quiet sad

Would be cool if they did a limited sale ieo on Bep2 FSN after opening new gateway.

but not 50% discount.


You posted this because Fusion is not in it, or what?

Yeah, many people don't have Fusion in their radar. We must work on it.

looks like you can your spot over there

Probably need to be on too many layers, so don't fit the picture.

Layer 1-3 at least.

Sure, but should be appear at least in one as synonym of people's knowledge, but sadly is not the case

Interoperability probably main feature.

We need to push Fusion with influencers in crypto space kind of this guy with tons of followers

Skin in the game my friend

thats strange, unless you are a mega whale and they need to wait for tickets to get picked to be able to pay out

Fusion should be pitching to partners not shills

Both, as the community knows many projects through the influencers

So Who bought the dip did, no second chance for the rest🤷‍♀️

You have to be super fast for that dip plus you must have Bitcoin on the go, ready and steady

@TylerL11 @ehammerHow long does it take to get a github invite?

How can I swap erc20 FSN to native FSN tokens?

Daniel Simon

Mcdonalds Wojak. This meme is so true.

Sangam Sundar
How can I swap erc20 FSN to native FSN tokens?

you have to wait a couple of weeks for the new swap address to be available

The second batch of Github invites will be sent in the next 6 hours

anyone is interested with my swap for 1 day time-locked token (7th Dec - 8th Dec), you will receive FSN mainnet token? Let me know

sometimes I just ask myself is Fusion ever goin to become bigger then Vechain...

The tech is unparalleled

The tech is unparalleled

FSN code review in cryptobriefing does not sound that promising