price will go up for mainnet fsn holders. exchanges will open deposit ans withdraws.

seriously moving back to erc20 can solve most od the issuea.

Congratulations on investing in a unique and new platform with lots of new options never before seen. But hold on....price is dropping...let's go back to being a token like any other.

Is There a way to block gifs

Is FSN going to get listed on normal Binance not DEX

Johan Pihl
He posts most of the gifs.

But what if he has some earth shattering revelation about fsn ? I would miss it.

Is There a way to block gifs

Blocking gif is not permitted here with the “king of gif” around... 😂

Gif in Dutch means ....

Watch out for this fake joey

Phishing to get your private keys

Admin, what vps do you recommend to stack FSN?

I am currently using AWS but it’s expensive..

Is there any vps easy to install and with lower fees?

My questions are also for the community :)

J - King of the GIFS
Bye Ricky I suppose

Ah... I wondered why it was so peaceful. That guy was a 1-man FUD army.

Peter Parker
Why has the price gone to hell? What happened??

Nothing has happened to the price at all. Coinmarketcap have just realised Huobi have suspended withdrawal/deposits, so they’re not counting it in the average price anymore. The Huobi price is ridiculously distorted compared to everywhere else.

Are Bibox withdrawals and deposits still disabled? I’d check myself but I’m afk

bibox is working

That’s the plan thank you 😊

"Fusión" or "Fusion" 🤔 By the way price discussuon should be in trade channel.

After a brief hiatus due to the announcement of DCRM open-source last week, we're back with a double issue of the fusion open-source community update. Read on for great information and maybe one or two of my favorite memes.

wll fix that thanks.