Although I want to purchase more FSN, I'm very hesitate to purchase until the Huobi thing is straigntened out.With no time-line given, I'm worried our position in line could be many months away.

after huobi migrate to main net and open withdraw/deposit

Bibox withdraw and deposit is open but they haven't swapped to main net?

oh I see. you have sent it to huobi and it's not available on both ends

Уфук Сенал
How about 6500 coins on 1 node?

That would still only count as one ticket so best to send the remaining 1.5k to a pool or rent them out on qs.

As I have said before, I think the ROI's people can get when DeFi matures a bit, will attract a lot of investment in the crypto space and digital assets in general. I think this will lead to the next big bull run.

My language is Portuguese I hardly understood the exchange process. Please inform me in more detail. I want to know if I can send straight from the Bibox wallet to 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111

@admin, can i be @admin to be able to use the banhammer against the spam ❤️ ?

sorry, not know when the "foundation will make the tokens available to withdraw"
Thomas Andersen
Should transition to mainnet first, though.

With their plans for Huobi chain, it'd be possible they intend to move them there instead of mainnet.

Crypto Manic
But once the ticket is chosen, it can't be re-staked

You can send the remainder of TL back to ledger. What happens then is that the next time your ticket is picked it wont be bought again. Sometime the < 30 days remaining TL from the picked ticket wont display in the wallet due to a persistent bug which is solved by sending a little bit of TL back to the staking wallet.

Crypto Manic
So it can still be picked after sending it to the ledger

Yes like David says, you cant send the ticket. Just the remaining TL that isnt part of the ticket.

Johan Pihl
A little odd, they have added a possibility to stake FSN on their exchange without adding a trading pair for FSN?

Maybe they're offering staking service as a way to build enough liquidity to be able to open a trading pair?

Hello does anyone know if bittrex withdrawal is available or any news about it ?