the receiver can receive btc without ever having to use the bitcoin blockchain

can bitcoin be locked with fsn yet?

Adam Schlansky
so what is the difference with polkadot?

Im crazy when I think we can beat the bitcoin?

And Fusion even more?

Yes yes worldwide news when we beat the bitcoin first time of the crypto history

Great article guys, check it out:
So Fusion would be categorized as Defi project ?
DJ invented DeFi (or cryptofinance as he called it then) Read this
only 63.546.150 FSN there are little amount of FSN and everyone want own 1 🙃

It's 3 times of Bitcoin. So its future price - just devide Bitcoin price by 3. $11,700 / 3 = $3,900/-.FSN Future Price - $ 3,900/-.FSN Present price - $ 0.60

c n mo
Fusion from 2USD in 2018 to 0.57USD now

TROLL ! Bitcoin went in 2018 from 20000 to 3200 and then ?