Many projects are in the same space but Fusion still has its winning qualities.

fact is we are ignored by whole crypto space, but on the Brightside , we can gain significant position just from here :)) it is up to mANY factors to decide 😂

So FSN is a pioneer of 'cryptofinance' but not recognized by many as 'DeFi'

Mark my words the € and $ will crash Crypto is the future

What exactly is the new marketing team doing? Its not hard to join every facebook crypto group and inform the masses

On every cryptogroup

The only crypto website which was literaly focusing on Mcap and gains it was bitconnect

Crypto investors are the worst i swear.

Adam i am in charge of Fusion marketing

George can you shill on every facebook crypto group please.

Adam Schlansky
thx newbie here? how would u summarize fusion in one sentence? what does it do, what does purpose native token serve? Any edge over comptetitors?

No worries. We all started somewhere. One sentence... hmmmm.... Fusion is an infrastructure protocol, with unique features that include; inclusive interoperability; time slice of crypto assets; and tPOS.

Every crypto group

lol. so true. but this is how you get momentum building I guess

thanks to guys like Chookz, Space Cowboy, Digidriver, Eljaboom, Crypto Penguin... but we need big time influencers or OG CT guys... imagine a guy like Crypto Dog shilling to his followers.. 😊

Any Dutch fusionites around? Maybe you have Dutch friends who like to learn more about fusion? Let them know about this article from cryptobenelux 👍
And Fusion even more?

Yes yes worldwide news when we beat the bitcoin first time of the crypto history

Fusion represents a complete vision of cryptofinance. This is a term that Fusion created and we should be proud of it, meaning that we shouldn't necessarily try to jump on the DeFi bandwagon. We will be here when the whole DeFi bubble has blown up and the reason is that we are focused on real world financial applications. Take as an example AXP, the used car sellers. Fusion has quietly been putting in place the building blocks to enable monitoring of lender's bank accounts using Chainlink oracles, so that tokenised debt assets can be created on Fusion. For sure inter-operability and decentralised exchange of value are important, but none of it means anything unless real world issues are addressed. Let's not compare ourselves too closely with some of these other fly by night tokens in the DeFi space. We are the real deal, even if a lot of crypto fanatics can't see it yet.

Now is the time to show leadership in cryptofinance. These DeFi tokens will moon and then most likely fail. We don't need to follow them.

Cryptofinance is a better description of what Fusion does than mere 'decentralised finance'.

Crypto Noob
Fusion has no big chanceSmall reached community

oh i am sure this man is in other crypto group !!! 😁 he is also fudding there...please ban this troll !!!

So Fusion would be categorized as Defi project ?
DJ invented DeFi (or cryptofinance as he called it then) Read this

Ready set crypto had a fusion chart in there vidro today, I wonder if it's worth George reaching out to the team

He posts daily on every cryptogroup. Now fsn is picking up steam. Perfect time

Cant do any harm posting simple posts on ev crypto group

The huobi orderbook is scared

😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Don't be scare, yesterday many buy orders today many sell orders tomorrow again thousand buy orders and so forth, Welcome to crypto

Are you guys also have real life meetups or are there real life crypto fairs where you meet up?

many members teams doesn't know, but there are a Troll Army, that are payed to discredit other projects in their Mass media channels, and i don't want to say what is the nationality of majority of those trolls, but... it's not fiction is real, in stock market it is a crime, but here in crypto someone can manipulate other projects using that "Army of trolls"

Not coincidence, that is my opinion

I've got a bag of FSN since ICO, never sold. I am interested in growth. Sometimes I see things are different between announcements and reality, but this is probably how crypto works. Otherwise you cant get 100x if your announcements are no sweet enough. My question was probably why LINK shows this as not a partnership, but FSN being only a client. And why they dont announce use case and using FSN on their media?

Maybe crypto will turn us into rats Haha. I hope not.

You are supposed to invest in crypto what you are willing to lose. I don't understand why people live so worried and stressed. They may not respect that first rule. Keeping track is fine, but losing eyelashes and health not so much. Let people work, have patience and a long-term vision. Nothing is going to change creating drama and living with anxiety. Better to be constructive and think that our moment will come.