Fusion should ally itself closely with French blockchain project Neurochain, which is in talks with the French government who are planning the digital Euro :-

2) DCRM is no doubt the best solution of interoperability in the market. But most important thing is that, DCRM could not only be used to connect different chains (public blockchain, alliance chains, private chains) but also could be used to connect today's financial system HSM. So we are the one to get real business in blockchain. We have four world class cryptographers working with us. This is clear proof. And our staff in Zurich is engaging 350+ banks market with DCRM.

We need to fix those problems and queue up new business at the same time. Crypto time is insane as we all know

⁃ 2 token system ⁃ Exchange issue with both erc20 and native FSN ⁃ Exchange deposits/withdrawals ⁃ accountability and transparency within organization ⁃ Come up with a solution to restore trust and confidence within our community and general crypto community ⁃ 3rd party audits ⁃ Take a good look at where the foundation is at right now, what’s the value proposition. ⁃ Laser focus on their value proposition and come up with a executable action plan to put themselves in the position for real adoption. ⁃ Mission statement and set milestonesAsk yourself this... If Foundation can’t even solve these simple problems for which they have full control. How will they solve issues and challenges for future partners they work with?They are trying to work with FIs and Central banks. The decision makers will chew them up and spit them right out and show them the door.Most banks have already created blockchain departments within their banks 2-3 years ago. Depending on the size of the banks most have spend tens of millions on Blockchain and coming up with their own digital assets. A number of large custodian banks have done POCs to issue bonds on the Blockchain and DLT as early as 2013.What does Fusion have to offer them..

I'm always on board with the criticism, but some people have a strange idea of how you make business with the public sector, especially in Europe. You don't just walk into Macron's office you know. We've been providing accounting services to our local federal state senate for 15 years now and still sometimes have a hard time just getting an appointment with a state council. The Foundation is smaller than us and a foreign company, that doesn't make it easier.

I agree. And I want to say that we should not worry so much about interacting with the state blockchain, as Iruwen said, here not everything depends on us. There are many state offices that we cannot open today.Yes, we do not need it because there are things that have a more important priority.For example, ask yourself a question, well, there will be state stable coins, but at least on any blockchain ala ethereum ... There are a lot of state-owned stable coins from different countries. Well, then what?Without real use, it is simply "air." And here for their crypto-stable coins, you need trading blockchain networks for their companies B2B2C crypto markets. And now, if our blockchain is really good for B2B2S networks, then all commercial companies themselves will connect to us, and from any country France, Germany, America, any crypto-stable coin needs a B2B2C trading network.It is in such a network that the traffic of transactions, purchases and transfers is the largest in this network; good earnings from gas and mining.Do not rely on bureaucrats from different countries and we don’t need to bother them in their offices. The main thing is not they, but what B2B2C networks will their companies want to sell on, the main thing is whose networks are interoperable. Soon hundreds of stable coins will appear, but whoever wins for them, for corporations, a convenient crypto-trading network B2B2C will win, because it is the trading operations that matter in the world of finance, and it does not matter from which country a stable coin is.Our task is that commercial companies from around the world choose our trading interoperable B2B2C crypto network, so that they start their wallets with us, that’s the point.So let's do what depends on us - we will build an alliance of B2B2C trading markets of world significance, let's make crypto trading possible for commercial companies from different countries in our network. This is a growth point.

We never had an volume there I guess, it's been a graveyard forever.

You’re right Iruwen we never had much volume on Liquid anyway. It would be nice to stay on there as it’s the only Japanese Exchange we are on. Liquid doesn’t have that much volume right now however it is one of the Japan FSA approved crypto exchange. Just hope we won’t be delisted from more exchanges in the next few months.

Deutsche Bank just released a report detailing the 'end of fiat money' and the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin within the next decade.“The forces that have held the current fiat system together now look fragile"

Imo central bank will issue there own blockchain and crypto currency

They launch there own blockchain and crypto

How would central bank cryptocurrency be better than fiat? It is just to fight bitcoin and other free cryptos

I want to store my money on my personal wallet and not in a bank account

This! I also feel that it will add legitimacy to btc and other crypto while jump starting new avenues of adoption.

People consider anything in crypto to be defi

The thing is with multi sig or DCRM custody wallet, you need varying degrees of signatures and access, for example one wallet is for p2p payments and only has like $1000 worth of fiat or crypto, this wallet only requires your personal signature/pk and or that of the person involved in the transaction

Isnt that a problem 😅

Yes.Fusion ain't the word on these crypto streets

Q: What is Fusion’s runway? How much $USD and crypto does foundation have? What is the burn rate? Will Fusion publish regular (quarterly/half-yearly) financial reports in the future?A: Financial transparency is also a major target in the future.That’s completely swerving