Fake Crypto Zombie got 95k sub

DJ Qian
good news is most of ppl here have FSN already

Ok whats the ETA for this crypto lotto of sorts? I'm down immediately. Cap to number of tkts?

How's about

I think Wirex or Revolut are more matured and used than I don't have the numbers, to back it up though, but any of those guys would be helpful if you need expertise for fiat on ramp, credit card etc.

“First crypto lottery.”


😂 Imagine building a crypto casino based on that model? The house still wins; as it would stake the TL tokens for rewards 😊

John Molina
What Wanchain did with its CROSSCHAIN integrated EUR Stablecoin, Ethereum Bitcoin and EOS is something you have to give attention.
Please check which coins dcrm-walletservice support:
Chris Butt
Oh you live in Switzerland?

yes, in Montreux, like 20 minutes away from Lausanne. I will go visit them. rare to have crypto project here. I wish I could visit fusion office as well.

A possible use case is big cryptoportfolio sell-offs at a discount. Someone exiting completely could sell their whole portfolio to someone otc.

Just a quick update about the Dev Campaign. For those who are clearly bounty hunting, you will not receive a reward. This "bounty" is meant to help users learn about fusion, while getting the chance to contribute to the projects sucess. Submissions of unrelated resumes and/or work that is taken from the internet will not be accepted. Brand New githubs will be rejected without proper proof of work handed on the side. New linked in accounts where the only activity is the liking of 3 crypto related articles will also not qualify. Please do not spam admins PM asking for a reward, especially if you fall into the aformentioned categories.