​​TOP 20 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of web traffic: September 2019 results. In September average number of website visits among TOP 50 crypto exchanges has dropped by 15%.
Biweekly update on @FUSIONProtocol $FSN2nd October — 16th OctoberFoundation Wallet Theft Updates, USAN swap is live, 2 million FSN — open source community campaignDear Fusionites, these weeks, we saw a lot of essential news.As many of you knows, on September 28th 2019, the Fusion swap wallet was compromised, resulting in theft of 10 million native FSN and 3.5 million ERC20 FSN token. Investigations so far show that this is the only wallet affected. Furthermore, as of now, the team has not received any report that other holders’ wallet were impacted. After the currency was stolen, abnormal wash-trading behaviour occurred, and some of the stolen tokens were sold across exchanges, in particular Bitmax and Hotbit. The team provided official update on this situation. Last week, they proposed three recovery solutions for this Wallet Theft, a chance for community to vote on the preferred option, and answered to other questions surrounding the impact of stolen tokens including burning FSN with recovered BTC/ETH funds. Details are in our report below.You can also read Release Notes 3.4 to see the new features and improvements deployed to Fusion’s user-facing applications over the past development sprint. Most excitingly, Universal Short Account Number (USAN) swap is now live! It enables users to trade their USAN numbers for any other digital asset using Fusion’s quantum swap feature. Moreover, the team introduced live transaction status for all wallet functions — create asset, send asset, time lock, make, take and recall swaps. Check it out!And last but not least, to harness the potential of the open-source community, Fusion Foundation has established the 2 Million FSN campaign! Fusion believes that the community has the capacity to significantly help lead the project into the future. They want to vigorously promote the sustainable development of the open-source community and leverage the diverse range of skills possessed by community members. Whether you are a developer, researcher, tester, early adopter, designer, content creator, product manager, translator, staker or anything else, Fusion wants you on their team.Fusionites, follow Paradigm to learn about all the news emerging from the world of Fusion!#Fusion #FSN #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Finance
What countries have clear cut regulation? I cant name any off thr top of my head. And its still probably not enough for major deals to go down.
Here’s one..This the central bank of Saudi Arabia. If the Saudi Arabia central bank is moving forward with this it means that the FIs will also have the central bank’s blessing..This is quite interesting and a huge milestone for cryptocurrency ~ digital currencies/assets...“The first of its kind joint pilot cryptocurrency was launched during the meeting. The cross-border digital currency will be strictly targeted for banks at an experimental phase with the aim of better understanding the implications of Blockchain technology and facilitating cross-border payments.”“The central bank of Saudi Arabia and that of UAE will both each run a node. Then all other commercial banks of the two countries will also run a node.”“As a centralized crypto, this would probably give the banks the ability to freeze assets or to reverse transactions in a fairly efficient way as long as they know the identity of the address.”“The virtual currency relies on the use of a distributed database between the central banks and the participating banks from both sides.”“Zooming out even further from the tree, Central Banks across the world in a semi-coordinated manner have been trying to see since 2014 how they can incorporate the efficiency gains of cryptos while maintaining their ability to increase or decrease the supply”“The failure of some public blockchains to scale has given them sufficient time to catch-up to the stage where they can now pilot the centralized crypto within banks.”
Hi folks!We are currently building out the Fusion Mobile Wallet 🎉👏We want to gather a crew of community members with varying levels of Fusion and cryptocurrency background to help us out with user testing and feedback. If you’re interested, please complete this survey below and we may contact you for next steps!
Hi folks!We are currently building out the Fusion Mobile Wallet 🎉👏We want to gather a crew of community members with varying levels of Fusion and cryptocurrency background to help us out with user testing and feedback. If you’re interested, please complete this survey below and we may contact you for next steps!
IBM just released a report saying that within the next 5 years most central banks will have their own digital currency ( need to speed up with our "bigger as Nasdaq" cental banks to be the forerunner of this 😉Here is the direct link to the report:
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S ➡ Seamless Integration with the other business & technical system (I try to make word "S" in the chain form,which represent integration)I ➡ Interoperability solution (Fusion cutting edge DCRM technology ensures that fusion is the most connect ecosystem in the cryptocurrency landscape)O ➡Fusion Open source community spiritN ➡ An exciting New Era of Cryptofinance for the internet of values

Chainlink creates something like a system for analyzing the reliability of data coming to the blockchain from various sources (triggers), and based on its intelligent algorithms, analyzes the reliability of the data and decides whether to execute an intellectual contract based on signals from the “triggers” - something like artificial intelligence capable of analyzing and detecting false and reliable signals and deciding whether to launch or cancel a smart contract based on incoming, possibly even false, data.Fusion (as an operating system such as Windows or Lynux), this platform contains all the tools for organizing financial and business operations in the cryptographic space and includes the ability to create complex smart contracts that do not currently require a system analysis of trigger reliability. The system itself already filters out false “tokens” and will filter tokens, for example, remaining from the “sale of goods”, and exclude their repeated sale in the system. In addition, the “time” trigger is implemented in a unique way, which can now provide various options for owning a crypto asset:1. possession of the asset, but with a delay in taking possession;2. transfer of the asset and return after a certain period of time;3. extraction of the value of the time of ownership of the asset;4. sale of time value on a trading platform;5. secure transfer of an asset to a pool or host on a third-party server;In fact, Fusion was the first to introduce the new physical principles of time-based cryptocurrency management.And these options are already enough to build markets, for example, for B2B2C. As well as the market of bank lending, leasing, interbank forex market and others.Another unique technology that Chainlink certainly doesn’t have is DCRM. For the first time, this technology will allow combining the capabilities of all world blockchain technologies into a single information field and transferring all blockchains to a new branch of evolution. P / S The list of functions is far from complete.

If that's the case and if you dont see any importance for exchange listing like binance. The raising almost 40m in ICO is not right. Why do a startup needs so much money??

Agree..$45 Millions was raised during ico to realize everything on Whitepaper.Part of the process are listing, migrating to native once Mainnet is launch. We are a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. These are part the allocation of the funds raised at Ico.

Guys, what about this? This seems to me an interesting and promising branch of development for us.There is now a debate about whether or not to allow corporations to produce their crypto money. But I believe that soon it will become less relevant.For example, companies will soon have a “goods delivery transaction token” that replaces the regular invoice and reflects the financial value of the goods and the conditions for their delivery.Such a “crypto product offering” reflects a unit of “financial value” that the corporation produces."Financial values of corporations" in the global economy are exchanged, for example, through the USD, which is essentially a stable coin, like some national currencies. But at the same time, today, hundreds of crypto-stable coins will appear and at the same time there are already bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.Thus, there are a lot of currencies, but it is the commodity values produced by corporations, expressed through the “goods delivery token” that become real financial value for society. Stable coins fade into the background, (there are already hundreds of them and soon there will be thousands), they are just a means of exchange made by corporations of "physical value".Corporations producing goods and exchanging them through "token-goods-delivery" will be the producers of "crypto commodity finance", which in fact will be something like corporate crypto money.Namely, “trade-product-to-corporate tokens” will gain real financial value, in a world in which there will be thousands of stable coins, in this world it is Bitcoin that will become a means for the accumulation of values.Fusion, is the main technology for the construction of new trading cryptocurrency networks for B2B2C with the possibility of producing “product-transaction corporate tokens” and delivery to consumers' wallets and other markets.

How would central bank cryptocurrency be better than fiat? It is just to fight bitcoin and other free cryptos

Looks like the CFTC, SEC and FinCEN will jointly regulate digital assets in similar fashion as how the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and the OCC coordinate their efforts in the regulation of the nation’s largest financial institutions.Digital assets are split into 3 different categories/asset class..(a) CFTC - crypto-commodities;(b) SEC - crypto-securities;(c) FinCEN - crypto-currencies.

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Which cryptocurrency is the best to buy at the moment?