Nice work GEO, certainly this is a strong output for just 4 weeks, well done to you and the team. I have a few questions I hope you can answer: 1/ Why the move away from staking sites ? I am assuming it is because one might assume Anyswap will be locking up FSN for liquidity rather than all locked FSN being in staking but I would like tyo hear the rationale behind this. 2/ I see that the articles you have linked include the same article but in different languages - is that correct ? Can you please tell us the amount of articles before the translations so we can track this metric ? 3/ Five in you team is a solid thing, I believe I am aware of 3 of them but perhaps you could formally introduce them to the community so we understand who is who and what their roles are ? I assume they are not full time ? 4/ Can you talk a little of the relationship of Anyswap to the FSN marketing budget - i.e are they making contributions to your efforts or how exactly is this provisioned ? Cheers mate - and thanks again for the solid month.
Thank you for the good words Booma 🙏 and thank you for helping us!1. I approached many staking pools (80%), some ask for ridiculous amounts to be paid monthly to have Fusion in their pool $1000-$1500. Some ask us to lock huge amounts of FSN and pay big fees in FSN monthly. Cheapest deals for a staking pool to add us is $4K-$6K USD. We can get more for our money. Now we have products. Yes Anyswap is one reason. If we get users to Anyswap they will lock FSN. It is much easier to sell Anyswap now. Yield farming is the next big thing in crypto and we have best product. When we grow staking pools will all add us It will happen naturally.We are not closing that door - i will keep an eye on the pools. When FSN goes to $2 we will revisit all pools maybe make few more deals.2. list of articles without translations articles 23 in total: Not all team members are full time we have people helping for half day and some full time it is mix. Works for now. We are using big about of freelancers to help will all sorts of tasks. 4. Anyswap is contributing to the marketing budget their own funds that will be used to cover some of the media and advertising costs directly related to Anyswap and Fusion. They made big contribution and helped us to make amazing deal that will benefit both Anyswap and Fusion. Only this deal amounts to 1/2 of Fusion entire community marketing budget for the six months and is paid by Anyswap. I can not give you more details unfortunately.I am not differentiating Fusion Ansywap & Wedefi they are all one for me. Ansywap & Wedefi help Fusion, Fusion helps Ansywap & Wedefi. We work together because our goal is the same - spread the word about Fusion, bring more users to Anyswap, bring more users to Wedefi, bring more users to Fusion blockchain.

I would rather not compare network volume, where the fee is not a percentage. Look at some of the highest ones.This is not to say that it is fake, but the cryptocurrency community just doesn’t have a healthy definition of volume.