Anyway I hope that the release of 2.0 is accompanied by an awesome interview with Crypto Lark similar to the Fantom interview.

Agreed psn 2.0 world tour let’s get DJ Brett and Yona on lark, datadash, boxmining, fudtv etc. just so y’all know cryptolark just replied to my comment saying “would love to have fusion team on”

Brandon Jonson
I just watched that video and where he talk about the capital in your wallets be stagnant and unable to lend out. Made me instantly think of fusion! 🚀

i cant stand that none of these serious crypto channels even know what fusion is. I get it...there are thousands of coins but when will they notice that FSN is a future top 10? i've had datadash say hes going to look into FSN on a livestream but he never did.😂

Hey team, are you guys adding tons of tags toYour YouTube videos? I think it would help. I have very few subs but hit a few thousand views because I added every crypto hashtag I could. #btc #eth #crypto #digitalassets #xrp #datadash plus a million more haha. I realize that all of your videos are pretty much informational but when you branch out into more marketing based, documentary style videos I hope you add all of them! It’s time to add a few videos aimed at strangers to fusion. Hope to see something really sell fusion to a non investor soon. “How fusion will fuse Wall Street and blockchain “ or something that will lead to views from non investors. Just sharing my opinion. Thanks 🤙🏼

Datadash talking about cryptofinance being a substantial value proposition in his last stream 🔥

DJ Qian
I want to make fusion top 20, top 10, top 5. I believe we are doing the right things. But, tbh, even based on current fusion fundamentals, fusion definitely is justified to be in top 50, or top 100 at least. However we are around top 200. That's why I was asking, if fusion builds the cooperation at fidelity level or even better in near future, but we are still only top 200, what could I do?

if you partner with fidelity I dont see how we could stay out of the top 100. mainnet, partners, and binance would give us a serious fighting chance. The last answer would be mainnet. When people have a real incentive to hold their FSN they will Hold it. Look at TOMO chain for example. since mainnet and "staking: they have risen in price slowly but surely. also liquidity. Staking and supreme node rewards need to go live ASAP and people need to see that if they hold their FSN they earn a predictable passive income. The world is longing for passive income and though PSN20 is providing it to some it is not uniform or predictable. The last thing is that we really need to start seing you and john making the rounds on youtube. Every other project doing well are undoubtedly making the rounds. Crypto trader, boxmining, cryptolark, datadash, cryptobobby, cryptozombie, cryptodaily. Regardless of how one might feel about any particular one...influencers are real these days. their opinion matters. When datadash used to cover his top three coins they would increase in liquidity and price two fold. Sure it might not last forever but it is a piece to the puzzle IMHO. Im not a marketing expert or anything but I pay attention to the projects that do well. though i said this "lastly" two other times...lastly, we need a coinbase like video. We need a videographer plain and simple. While we all enjoy reading dense text about this and that...the VAST majority of people prefer youtube. Weekly or monthly edited documentary styled videos will do nothing but help. I let youtube play between patients, while I write notes, while I drive, while I shower, while I eat etc to stay connected. We need a much better youtube presence. I hope my answer is well received. you opened up the floodgates by asking my opinion hahaha. best

i love this project. but for all who think first mover advantage is key just ask the people who thought palm and treo were the best

The concept of a pioneer advantage exists, for example 1) Bitcoin, after it were "better" Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, but bitcoin is still far ahead. 2) Ethereum after it appeared "better", for example: EOS, NEO, NEM, TRON, ICON, Zilliqa, but Ethereum is still the number one among the second generation of blockchains.

It will be like running a dash masternode

Yup! Combining supreme nodes (dash) + smart contracts(ethereum ) = Fusion

I think Dash went up to $1,700+ at their ATH. They had Masternode also but their Masternode was yielding around 7-8% ROI from their rewards...Remember Dash was at $0.25 at one point in time also...

Alg Ore
👌 They also didnt have DCRM licensing creating even more long term locked up supply. 🤩

Correct..Since Dash is a privacy coin, their value proposition and target audiences are different from those of Fusion. Nevertheless Fusion’s ROI far exceeds those of Dash...

My suggestion for anyone has eligible HT in first round is this: keep your eyes on the voting status (if there is a real time voting result dash board). If FSN is close to others or much ahead of others, vote for FSN. If FSN is far behind, vote the project which has most votes. That will allow you have a chance to buy those projects at 50% off. You make the money. go back to buy more FSN.

Crypto Holic
Fsn is $50 by then so 10k fsn is 1/2 mil:)

I like that... $500,000 for 10,000 fsn. That’s 2 Supremenodes running.Dash’s Masternode was $1.4 Millions at the peak. I believe Dash’s Masternode’s ROI was around 7.1%.So even at $50 / FSN our Supremenode only cost $250,000.Can’t wait until Fusion’s Supremenode cost $1 million. At that time besides the early adopters it will be partners and institutions the use Fusion’s DCRM that will be running all the Supremenodes...

Put in the work and earn the rewards! Make Fusion network the standard. Dash like runup coming.

Buy FSN or cry later , a dash node was valued at 1.4m awhile back Free money beginning next week

1 ticket will be worth 1 dash masternode

I have a question about the FusionWallet, I dont understand why my asset balance in Quntum swaps section is different than the wallet dashboard section?

Wallet v3.00.04- Added alert notice to Make and Take Swap modals to alert user he has to deal with caution since there is an unverified asset involved.- Fixed not appearing Staking widget on "Wallet Dashboard".- Fixed issue where loading spinner was stuck even when the wallet had no funds.- Fixed an issue where the user would not be able to click on the second Private Swap in the row on "Qunatum Swaps".- Fixed Ledger issue where specific amounts in transactions were not going through to signature failure.- Fixed issue on Swaps where pagination was not being dealt with correctly.- Filtering on the Swaps page is fully functional now.- A message is now shown when there is nothing in the selected pair.Will be pushed to production soon.

Guys I did a swap and I put the end date at 9/9/2019 but in wallet dashboard it says this. I took a pic. And now I cant see my fusion in "my open swap"

Looks like Medium just broke something, so don't wonder why some of the formatting looks odd. It suddenly inserts line breaks next to dashes and italics.

I was expecting to see something similar to dash’s growth

DJ Qian
However,we don't compromise on robustness,stability,and responsiveness of our network

I dont think the community want plug and play miners, if you can dedicate some resources to guides, perhaps produce a Wiki (like Dash) then many people can support themselves, support the project and learn along the way. Freeing up resources though I imagine is a tough call at the moment, and/or things need a little more time to mature as of course we all want things asap

Coinbase are listing several new cryptos including ONT, WAVES, ATOM, MATIC, DASH etc. They state that they are open to other projects. Are we approaching them too? I feel that the more exchanges we are on now, the less that one could hijack us like Huobi are at the moment.

If they wanna use currency, they can use nano or ltc or dash or others

Dear Fusionites,In response to use-case demand, the Fusion tech team has done an out-of-cycle production release to support "Time-Lock of Time-Locks". Simply choose any existing time lock in your Wallet Dashboard's Time-Locked Assets section, and you can slice them from Date to Date. We will release our broader improvements on the usual Sprint schedule at Tuesday (Monday is a US Holiday) next week, accompanied by Release Notes. You can track our sprint deliverables in our public Trello board -

Hello, we are is officially cooperating with Fusion to enhance transparency of crypto market.You can look through disclosure information of Fusion via the link below, and get constant updates of disclosure as well. can find important announcements of Fusion , transaction volume of FSN, main holders info, and also their Exchange.All the information of Fusion and disclosure information uploaded on is confirmed by Fusion.You may inquire anything about through [email protected]
Johan Pihl
This Google of blockchains is new to me, but it was sort of true, because you could log into it with your Google account.

”XDLT already support Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Dash, EOS, Litecoin, NEO, Ethereum, XLM, Stellar, Ripple, Cardano, Nem, Fusion and all ERC 20” I can’t really get it to work, but nice to make a list like this.

Hello, it's Xangle team. is officially cooperating with Fusion to enhance transparency of crypto market. You can learn about various information such as official announcements, disclosure information, token transaction via the link below. Now Xangle supports multi-languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more. We hope that our multilingual support will help holders of FSN from many countries the business and technical progress of Fusion. the information uploaded on is officially confirmed by Fusion. For any inquiries, you can contact [email protected]*This message is verified by Fusion and not an advertising content. *
Steven C
Maybe was someone inside FSN who felt he deserved something

Yes..He made a poor planHe mess himself.He should have time the exchange with high volume.Register with fake identityMove all immediately,sell quickly and move to Btc wallet.In 5mins your doneThen move to another country n convert Btc to dash or untraceable crypto and move on

Tan Ti
what's the block height now?

778,631 -!/dashboard!/dashboard

Jacky🇳🇱 S
Swap where??

My friend wanted to delegate his token to my server. You can try it at the quantum swap dashboard.

​​TOP 15 Blockchains platforms by daily active addresses (October and September average)One of the ways to measure the month to month usage of the blockchain platform is to check the amount of average daily active addresses. "Active addresses are unique addresses that were active in the network (either as a recipient or originator of a ledger change) that day. All parties in a ledger change action (recipients and originators) are counted. Individual addresses are not double-counted if previously active."According to the results, Bitcoin is a leader, Ethereum was second in September but unexpectedly Ethereum Classic turned the tables and took the second position in October. Overall, the usage of Ethereum Classic is very inconsistent according to the data. For instance, anomaly usage of Ethereum Classic addresses was observed from 7th to 12th of October with the peak at 4.7 million addresses on the 10th of October, while the most common number of active users was around 10-12k daily during most of the chosen period. A similar situation is with Digibyte addresses, the usage of which experienced a striking increase because of few days of anomal usage. Most of the other platforms are experiencing an increase, DASH, Ripple, and TRON are among the leaders. Overall, we see that the usage of Blockchain platforms measured in the number of active addresses is not always correlating with their market cap which may be explained by the specifics of the Blockchain platform. Although, we believe that most of the reviewed platforms are not profitable and their price and market capitalization can depend on the number of active users.