so binance will? 😉 because second? are you sure?

why not? every project gets listed on binance nowadays, there is only 1 coin in the top 50 that is not be listed yet which is digibyte, even shitcoins like bcn is listed. Binance aims to be the top exchange , ofc all the top 100 coins will be added sooner or later

This is a list of projects that are not in Binance, but that does not prevent them from having a high rank on СMС: Tezos 1.333 m$ Rank 17 Decreed 567 m$ Rank 25 DigiByte 502m$ Rank 31 RChain 274 m$ Rank 47

​​TOP 15 Blockchains platforms by daily active addresses (October and September average)One of the ways to measure the month to month usage of the blockchain platform is to check the amount of average daily active addresses. "Active addresses are unique addresses that were active in the network (either as a recipient or originator of a ledger change) that day. All parties in a ledger change action (recipients and originators) are counted. Individual addresses are not double-counted if previously active."According to the results, Bitcoin is a leader, Ethereum was second in September but unexpectedly Ethereum Classic turned the tables and took the second position in October. Overall, the usage of Ethereum Classic is very inconsistent according to the data. For instance, anomaly usage of Ethereum Classic addresses was observed from 7th to 12th of October with the peak at 4.7 million addresses on the 10th of October, while the most common number of active users was around 10-12k daily during most of the chosen period. A similar situation is with Digibyte addresses, the usage of which experienced a striking increase because of few days of anomal usage. Most of the other platforms are experiencing an increase, DASH, Ripple, and TRON are among the leaders. Overall, we see that the usage of Blockchain platforms measured in the number of active addresses is not always correlating with their market cap which may be explained by the specifics of the Blockchain platform. Although, we believe that most of the reviewed platforms are not profitable and their price and market capitalization can depend on the number of active users.