Proves we've been defi before the hype.

But I think the term Defi is used for incubating projects on Ethereum platform. Do you have any ideas of when those financial projects start ?

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solana and Avalanche finalizes transactions in about a second,I hope fusion will also increase transaction speed in the future

I hope that when Ethereum has layer 1 sharding, that we can incorporate that functionality on Fusion too and make the chain faster. But it's fine for now imho

D.B. Cooper
In theory, if Eth 100x's their speed, would it in turn 100x ours also, assuming we can incorporate it?

We tracked the latest Ethereum changes with our 4.0 release on testnet. I suppose it is up to the team. It would have implications for block rewards amongst other things too though.

at that time ether was around 1400$ it also scam and there is channel for price discussions

Uhm guys, you're on the wrong issue? Look at the commits, they blacklisted a homoglyph attack.

First we forked Ethereum Codebase, then uniswap . I say it's time to fork Metamask and call it AnyMask.

So ethereum is ponzi, Ren should change then the underlying technology

Ethereum runs a lot of stuff on the platform, that buys Ethereum to do it.I would call it a Ponzi, except the money goes to miners that perform work.Ethereum is more like a work token, as it doesn’t really benefit past investors, it only benefits the miners that you pay gas for working

What I am asking is, can you get fusionBTC on ethereum, polka, cosmos and whatever else exist?

Yan Xiao
Where is FSN address?admin

Your own address?Either create a new wallet on or open one of your ethereum wallets on the same site.

The DeFi narrative has Ethereum as the DeFi platform of choice, so competing platforms are conviniently ignored most of the time.

I did and showed them etherscan. But they only looked at fusionscan

You could do it on Ethereum network if you had erc 20 FSN

Ledger Instructions MyFUSIONWalletIn order to execute transactions through the Ledger hardware wallet you are required to change several settings. This is because FUSION’s transactions contain more data than regular transactions. Both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X are supported.Instructions:1) Make sure you update both the Ledger Firmware and the Ethereum app on the device to the latest versions. This can be done through the Ledger Live Application through your Desktop.2) Open up the Ethereum application and go to Settings3) Set Contract Data to ON4) Set Display Data to OFF5) Enjoy MyFUSIONWallet!In order to find your address through the Ledger Nano X, you will need to check which number the wallet is on the Ledger in order to find it (eg. ETH Account #1). When selecting Ledger in MyFUSIONWallet select “Custom Path” and use the following derivation paths:First address : m/44'/60'/0'/0Second address : m/44'/60'/1'/0And so on. If there is any trouble unlocking your Ledger or executing transactions. Please feel free to contact us through the FUSION Developers Community.

Any admin here CMC returned to me :My question : Hi, you list DEFI tokens here : but this list display only tokens, you are not listing native blockchains DEFI like Fusion Protocol (FSN). Can you please take into consideration native blockhains in this list.Their response : Greetings,The team will review the project's suitability for the DeFi page and will let you know IF we decide to move forward with this.To manage expectations, we have to be mindful of the fact that almost any project that utilizes smart contracts to provide financial services could theoretically qualify as Defi, hence the need to ensure that there is a balance in the signal-to-noise ratio.Kindly review the minimum requirements here. Note that these are just the minimum requirements and meeting them does not guarantee that a project will be featured on the DeFi page, as we benchmark submissions against others in the cohort.In the interim, we suggest being onboarded to our self-reporting dashboard so that you can submit self-reported tags. In the future, users will be able to filter projects by self-reported tags.Are you are an official representative of the project? If so, would you like to be an early adopter of the (i) CMC self-reporting dashboard (SRD) and (ii) Signals?1. CMC's SRD aims to give projects greater flexibility and control over the information that they share with the public. In this iteration, projects will be able to manage their (i) self-reported circulating supply and (ii) tags. The goal of (i) is to give projects a voice by allowing them to display their self-reported CS (alongside the CMC-verified CS) on their CMC page (irrespective of the methodology used) without any ranking implications. Previously, the CS figure was derived solely from the CMC's team's methodology and ability to verify the supply information. For (ii), users will be able to filter and discover projects according to their properties/category membership, which could facilitate discovery and spark interest in your project.2. Kindly follow the steps outlined here to complete the onboarding process.3. Signals gives projects visibility, transparency, and control to submit updates to their stakeholders - whether it’s an upcoming fork, tech update, partnership celebration, or an event invitation. Wherever you’re making progress, include that announcement in front of millions of monthly viewers today.4. To aid this process, we have created a workflow for your reference.Sincerely,CoinMarketCap Support
HellOo, someone can tell me what is the use case of FSN token? Thx

Like Ethereum. but for financial applications. what is known now as DeFi

Dan | Mindful Staking
Anyswap doesn’t impress me currently... I remember something about them suppose to have 11 billion dollars locked in years ago. Any info?

May I ask why AnySwap is not impressive ? Uniswap is trading 200 mil$ daily only in Ethereum sphere, and with lot of competition. AnySwap is the only cross chain DEX. Much bigger market and much less competition than Uniswap

What is it we can do together to build this or give it more traction that it deserves? It’s below $30m mcap and it offers so much. I almost see it as why hasn’t everyone else seen what’s going on over here? But I get it, little by little we get ahead and let’s think together to get this thing going because it’s a community project now.

gerren •
Fusion is so undervalued right now.

I don't think nothing undervalued undervalued, may be our for fusion to imagine too much, he is now the value of things is, this is the market for FSN judgment, may be the key is we hold the FSN well-deserved think FSN is undervalued, because the fusion network above can do many things, including the current hot liquid mining, but the problem is you can do doesn't mean you're valuable than others, because others can do, others more users is also you, From anySwap and Uniswap, it's easy to see the number of users and the ecology. How much better are atom and Dot's ecology than Fusion's? This is the main reason whether a project can be recognized by the market for high value

Whether it can be used on a large scale is the key factor to whether it is valuable or not,