This could be turned into something better: they can take their snapshot: send private swap offers to everyone who had active tickets at that time.That way they wouldn't reward the new buyers but those who had tickets before already just for once.Also that wouldn't end in a gas war and split the community even more.

As more as I think about Apxymous' & Iruwen's proposal, as more this looks to me as the perfect solution for this current situation.Just to summarize the implications:- If the exchanges get the frozen FSN / BTC / ETH / USDT from the thief back to foundation, loss is limited (just send them back as they have the PKs of the wallets in the exchanges)- there will be a lot of winners: - the buyers who bought the dip (holders can cost average; traders can sell for 2-4x once trading opens again => quick bucks for traders who just see the gains not the value of fusion) - the OGs / fusionites (with the proposal above, they get rewards which the traders don't get as a signal of honour from the foundation) - the fusionites / OGs can still buy the dip from the traders above selling at around 0,1 - 0,3; this time with preparation time to get funding into the exchanges and not as unexpected flashcrash) - Foundation ( earning fsn from swaps without buying back and wasting importrant reserves; and showing commitment to the holders) - the exchanges (increasing reputation by having helped the foundation to stop trading, freezing thief's account, getting back the money to the foundation)- There will be just one looser: The thief - Has the foundation, the exchanges, the police and all the detectives in the fusion community as enemies - wasn't really able to earn a lot of money - will hopefully be catched a go to jailAnd the most important aspect is: the whole package would be without any rollback of the blockchain or reverse of the trades generating potential PR downsides, but could greatly be sold into the world as well prepared PR campaign:- Loss was limited by hand-in-hand of foundation / exchanges / police / community- Issues have been identified and mitigated instantly- no issue in the protocoll, (just) a stolen PK of a wallet- Foundation leverages fusion specific instruments to fill the gaps of the theft (swap earnings) and rewarding hodlers for the trust and committment (private time limited swaps) - new nodes for the blockchain- combined with an article why DCRM will be the solution to avoid these kind of issues for the whole blockchain world (which happened and will hapen), written by dima 😉The only issue I still see is, that we need a solution to avoid the wallets of the thief which are not on exchanges being blocked for transfering / selling. As I am not the tech-expert, I leave this problem to the experts. I thing this should be solved, bevore opening trading / deposits / withdrawals on the exchanges (at least on those without KYC).What do you think? @djqian @johnl1 @YonaTak @BitJoe

Alg Ore
Agree! 👍 Like Jennifer Lopez said, let's get loud! @djqian
In other news:
Mo Uddin
@YonaTak I have just been holding my ERC20 tokens on my MEW since ICO.What is the smart thing to do first ? Do I create my fusion wallet first before I swap my ERC20 to Native FSN FSN tokens?

You log into your Fusion wallet with the same private key or mnemonic as your MEW. When you make the token swap you will find your native FSN in the corresponding Fusion wallet. You can then send to a new Fusion wallet if you wish.

Why not conduct a vote on whether we need to have deadline for erc20 swap or not..I know we need Huobi much but better get into better exchange than Huobi. Enemy is better than a back stabbing friend( Bibox and Huobi)