yall always looking to get scammed

there are people who bought fsn around 1 dollar on bitmax just for this anyscam

check bitmax fsn/usdt lmao 15 minutes before anyscam

A false DJ is scamming people

lots of people got scammed at the initial sale, no liquidity after waiting for days to participate

Hebrew Harris

And people don't understand why some people get scammed. !!

Standard they asking for a fee. Almost every exchange ask for it.

As someone who never heard of that before. If I receive such an email, I will mark it as phishing scam

Fusion scam? Why dump?

Cool. I generally ignore direct DM's cuz of scams. Thats why I ask

You should be Actually be baned not him

But it's true ... RUSSIANS are only scamers in crypto community, or steal your code or want discredit your project, tell me what in reddit is not comun to say about that people...i am not racist, i am realist

Scammers are everywhere, brilliant minds are everywhere. Vitalik is Russian, we wouldn't be here without him.

and yes scammers are verywhere it's true and Vitalik butterin is a genius for me, he is Russian and great 👍

It's not about the Russians but about the country as a whole. scam projects appear where there are no normal laws regulating

just dont answer to scammer click on real supporter and you will be fine

is this wallet official ? (is not a scamer?) 👉 whallet(.)net ?

I know the liquidity is in Uniswap's favor atm but is there anything to recommend Anyswap atm?

Uniswap has already become a cesspool filled with shit coins and scams. Quality control is one thing that will definitely be on Anyswaps side.

there should be a balance between easy listing and sensorship of scam.

If we ever create mAnySwap it should be a cesspool filled with shit coins and scams.

Hi @tonygopokes The swap you got scammed of is the swap with id : 0xcdcae61f449c979e8996e669d0b53894b3a08bb1ce74d7ce35308eb305ca3d9e and was taken on block 878777. I checked what the swap details were on block 878776. The owner of this swap was : 0xe55a4abcd3be54137050ec5e8597731910e4703c> fsn.getSwap("0xcdcae61f449c979e8996e669d0b53894b3a08bb1ce74d7ce35308eb305ca3d9e",878776){ Description: "", FromAssetID: "0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", FromEndTime: 18446744073709552000, FromStartTime: 0, ID: "0xcdcae61f449c979e8996e669d0b53894b3a08bb1ce74d7ce35308eb305ca3d9e", MinFromAmount: 100000000000000000000, MinToAmount: 1e+21, Notation: 3435954, Owner: "0xe55a4abcd3be54137050ec5e8597731910e4703c", SwapSize: 1, Targes: [], Time: 1573368182, ToAssetID: "0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", ToEndTime: 33132931200, ToStartTime: 1573430400}

What a scammer

oh with your: Sir ... you said everything....SCAMMER

at that time ether was around 1400$ it also scam and there is channel for price discussions

Wow REN got 14k holders Nice!

Hey MrX are you using that nick to scam people?

Scam is the wrong word. Maybe manipulate or provoke.


I entered the ico fusion, I sold a long time ago, and those words are because a group of people took over the group, and flooded the entire pornography chat, at that time everything pointed to scam

Alg Ore
It was a perfectly reasonable question. Better to respond with facts instead of "fudding" accusations that will only escalate the argument.

Guys, you made may day. Everyone positive and "kill someone asking questions" looks like now this is how marketing works 🙂 This is good of course, from some perspectives. However, I did see differency in how Chainlink explains this "partnership" and wanted to ask. Nowadays, it looks like we have not army or trolls, we have army or people accusing anyone asking questions in being a fuddler. Questions I asked were always fair and reasonable. Yes, negative, becuase it was that way months away. Now I can see this project is not a scam, maybe not that fast but it is evolving step by step.

Jaywalk Moon
Go on genius. Tell me. This should be interesting.

well thanks for touch this point ☺️i wanted ask, are the mass media in all American continent Racists ? because they are claiming that Russians Hackers attack their systems, i argue about my experience, every man that in telegram contact you and say: "Sir" . 99% he is scamer 🤣 and a big majority of Trolls that attack and discredit other projects are from that place of the world...well i was telling about my experience in other groups, every time you see a guy called Sergey or Vladislav, or girl Masha or Ira or Natasha, he or she is spreading FUD in such projects,