DJ Qian
we are far behind in propaganda

Even if we put more efforts to raise awareness and marketing but due to the current exchange situation, for prospects Fusion might look like a scam coin due 500% price difference between exchanges. We need to address this asap

Ben Yapp
I’d take binance for free but Binance isn’t the answer. Just a short term fix.. The only way any project will be Successful is with real adoption..

Atleast we need to repair the big hole happend in price after the theft. Isnt it? But trusting hotbit is like trusting a scammer. They suppress the price so much and their liquidity is totally fake.

Look at the alts market without ETH, XRP and the scams. We are not even worth 10billions market cap

@admin In order tO avoid potential scams . I would like link for fusion swap from admin only ... thanks

Fantom does...

Right on. Thanks, again. BTW some a-hole has been posing as a customer service rep from Fusion. Asking be for account info, etc. I told him he was an idiot if he thought I would give that over. He said my mother was a whore. Can you believe that? He didn’t even try to work it a little. Just went straight to the ‘YMIAW’ card. Now, that’s just lazy scamming, right there!

Its a scam exchange