Laser focus should be on marketing

Don't you understand that is so easy to have multiple accounts on telegram that he can still come as he please and no one can stop it. While if given another chance there is a possibility of not making fud about fusion. We both had being here a long time how many time did Daniel and Assad got ban unsuccessfully because they just came back with different user name

Hey DJ, why don't you hold AMA at telegram channels? I find this Ferrum network problem very positive. They organize AMA in regular groups. That is good marketing.

Min 🦄🦄🦄
Hey DJ, why don't you hold AMA at telegram channels? I find this Ferrum network problem very positive. They organize AMA in regular groups. That is good marketing.

I think it’s an excellent idea on a monthly basis to hold an AMA. It allows Fusion to provide a very useful update for the casual users which comprise most of the audience (first part of AMA is the quick monthly update, followed by a Q&A). Very few FSN token holders have time for Telegram, most of them would prefer a monthly quick update. AMA’s are also great for bringing excitement to the project and more user interest

Is there a telegram for the WEDEFI team? App is messed on IOS

Berry Buter
I disagree, as you want your community to like, retweet, share content, comment to get the algoritms in our favor...... so share what you are doing on the daily!

There is a fusion twitter telegram group. Not many members so it would be good to leverage the use of all members here more I guess

Johan Pihl
Maybe some form of non-crypto site would generate even more interest from the crypto world, if the angle is right.

the point is that "fusionites" are already in these telegram groups, follow the Twitter accounts. you have already reached these people. but marketing is about reaching new people. so you do this on websites / platforms / forums where many people are and often read things. a marketer should be able to see which websites receive a lot of traffic. there are plenty of examples: cointelegraph, cnbc, coindesk and so on

Why not give George a telegram title in this chat? ‘CMO’ or ‘Marketing’ something? More trustworthy to newbies and business proposals.

I'm worried we can't comment on their telegram page 😂

anyswap telegram group disabled typing in chat

Is a hot messes over @anyswap telegram chat! Potential investors turned into salvaged haters. Calling so many bad names. Showing zero professionalism!

It seems dead

Yeah why keep a roadmap when we never stay on schedule? They give us real-time updates here in telegram though

ehammer [will not message you first]
When something goes wrong the blame naturally falls on the head guy, but I think the community wanted to make the process more fair and that didn’t happen

Exactly, especially when many community members put in a lot of time & effort spreading the work on social media, & telegram chat & were left with no option to buy reasonable ANY. it may well end up great for FSN holders, it but makes me think twice about how I invest my own time & energy with regards to FSN if the community isn't respected

Yes its one of my holdings. Fsn any lto and trustswap

Yep I saw you in their telegram when you bought, I have a bag as well

Cosmos is the universe. Not just the world . Now stop your shilling

This is why I am not active on telegram, poor debate and it’s only about saying good things for the project.

@CaptainLevi22 Levi smells like Chimp but good discussion. I like this community we dont care shilling other projects.

It is not good discussion at all. It is simply marketing for cosmos and polkadot here. I challenge you to go to their telegrams and try what he is doing here.

Cleber Henrique
Can someone help me I did everything and this is wrong, but I have already corrected nothing else happened

For questions related to the mycontainer aidrop please ask in their telegram.

Jürgen Schröder
Okay, thanks.Have fun.Bye

Das Fusion Festival hat glaube ich keinen Telegram Channel.

Ahh this would explain, why do not you put in place anti bot script like captcha

Because those are intrusive and certainly much more annoying than having an inflated member number. I dont see the harm in keeping them around until telegram deletes them as long as they cant post anything.

same username as the one in Telegram and that wedefi address has only transactions with the addess 0xe55a4abcd3be54137050ec5e8597731910e4703c

But as you can see you can openly discuss and even make those non sense ponzi statement and wont be banned, nothing to hide 😁

You could also their earlier, but some part of ... has become a bit too hostile.It has to do with the increasing number of raids on the telegram as it gains more volume.

Ilnaz Minnebaev
I think it's time for us to join Ren's chats. See how welcoming they are

You are sadly not invited, because of these people who had the same ideas.Ren telegram was very open, and when/if Fusion becomes bigger, the same thing will happen.

Ren telegram is full of insecure moon boys

Iost the access to them during my telegram reset

Do we have some bullishs articles ready for us to throw around in telegram groups ?

Their email supports and telegram are 2 different team

Karim also expanded on it in telegram starting here
Jaywalk Moon
Go on genius. Tell me. This should be interesting.

well thanks for touch this point ☺️i wanted ask, are the mass media in all American continent Racists ? because they are claiming that Russians Hackers attack their systems, i argue about my experience, every man that in telegram contact you and say: "Sir" . 99% he is scamer 🤣 and a big majority of Trolls that attack and discredit other projects are from that place of the world...well i was telling about my experience in other groups, every time you see a guy called Sergey or Vladislav, or girl Masha or Ira or Natasha, he or she is spreading FUD in such projects,