✋ I am in the process of buying some fsn on huobi, are they on the Fsn chain native? Which exchange is best to get native Fsn Mainnet and not some Erc token?

Past voting campaign

I mistakenly thought it was an airdrop token,thk

Ok guys, thanks for letting me get out. Sold 100%! No more fud from my side. Should have never invested in this bs token. But hell atleast chainlink and ren did good for me. I wish this fanboy community best of luck with another 15 legs down. Bye.

And by the way, i just corrected him. If he is this huge fusion investor he would know that fusion is a coin and not a token. Thats all.

Any admin here CMC returned to me :My question : Hi, you list DEFI tokens here : but this list display only tokens, you are not listing native blockchains DEFI like Fusion Protocol (FSN). Can you please take into consideration native blockhains in this list.Their response : Greetings,The team will review the project's suitability for the DeFi page and will let you know IF we decide to move forward with this.To manage expectations, we have to be mindful of the fact that almost any project that utilizes smart contracts to provide financial services could theoretically qualify as Defi, hence the need to ensure that there is a balance in the signal-to-noise ratio.Kindly review the minimum requirements here. Note that these are just the minimum requirements and meeting them does not guarantee that a project will be featured on the DeFi page, as we benchmark submissions against others in the cohort.In the interim, we suggest being onboarded to our self-reporting dashboard so that you can submit self-reported tags. In the future, users will be able to filter projects by self-reported tags.Are you are an official representative of the project? If so, would you like to be an early adopter of the (i) CMC self-reporting dashboard (SRD) and (ii) Signals?1. CMC's SRD aims to give projects greater flexibility and control over the information that they share with the public. In this iteration, projects will be able to manage their (i) self-reported circulating supply and (ii) tags. The goal of (i) is to give projects a voice by allowing them to display their self-reported CS (alongside the CMC-verified CS) on their CMC page (irrespective of the methodology used) without any ranking implications. Previously, the CS figure was derived solely from the CMC's team's methodology and ability to verify the supply information. For (ii), users will be able to filter and discover projects according to their properties/category membership, which could facilitate discovery and spark interest in your project.2. Kindly follow the steps outlined here to complete the onboarding process.3. Signals gives projects visibility, transparency, and control to submit updates to their stakeholders - whether it’s an upcoming fork, tech update, partnership celebration, or an event invitation. Wherever you’re making progress, include that announcement in front of millions of monthly viewers today.4. To aid this process, we have created a workflow for your reference.Sincerely,CoinMarketCap Support

Fusion represents a complete vision of cryptofinance. This is a term that Fusion created and we should be proud of it, meaning that we shouldn't necessarily try to jump on the DeFi bandwagon. We will be here when the whole DeFi bubble has blown up and the reason is that we are focused on real world financial applications. Take as an example AXP, the used car sellers. Fusion has quietly been putting in place the building blocks to enable monitoring of lender's bank accounts using Chainlink oracles, so that tokenised debt assets can be created on Fusion. For sure inter-operability and decentralised exchange of value are important, but none of it means anything unless real world issues are addressed. Let's not compare ourselves too closely with some of these other fly by night tokens in the DeFi space. We are the real deal, even if a lot of crypto fanatics can't see it yet.

Now is the time to show leadership in cryptofinance. These DeFi tokens will moon and then most likely fail. We don't need to follow them.

Was just asking out-of curiosity. 😜

I don't have the pressure of token holders, or White Paper promises. I'm not funded by the Foundation or any one else. I take it at my own pace and it will be ready when I'm happy it all works well. It's a creative endeavour and should be enjoyable. I encourage others to start developing their own projects and ideas and to team up with coders to help them, if necessary.

HellOo, someone can tell me what is the use case of FSN token? Thx

So it use token like gaz and defi dappa can be built on thee chain?

yes. Fusion, however, have some features that is targeting finance industry:1. Cross chain: you can access 95% of all chains. something no other project can do now.2. Timelock: only chain you can send your tokens without losing ownership3. USAN: or short addresses. similar to bank addresses.

HiFSN is ERC20 token?Can it be stored in an ENJ wallet?Thanks.

Time to put this baby on uniswap and make a pool

Uniswap is ERC20 tokens. No point for FSN to go back to ERC20 imo. Soon FSN/BTC on Anyswap.

I m trying to swap my erc 20 to mainnet token and I m just facing a 15$ gas fees 🥵 any advice? I know eth is congested but f...
ask in wedefi channel - but I assume the 100 coins you got where only borrowed tokens. so they went back to owner. read the FAQ