couldnt get my wrong sent tokens back

Everybody, thanks for the help with token swap! May I please ask some questions regarding staking. I would like to test stake / unstake cycle with some minimum amount first for a minimum time to learn the process. I have read info in the: but there are few things to clarify. 1. How to confirm you are working with real node, not a fake one? Do we have a list of nodes / public keys for them?2. is there a way to see node status, etc.3. The doc above gives and example, but are there an official document which describes step by step process?Or it does not worth the risk and better try to setup node?

I guess there will be few other people who will ask similar questions, so will keep chatting here for others to see the answers. Hope that will help everyone in the end. So, I see in the myFSNWallet a way to setup time based transaction, I expect it is creates a contract which is enforced by the block-chain itself. So, when time expired, tokens just returned to the originated address. And the key point - it does not depend on the pool owener, it is enforced by the FSN mainnet and contract. so anyone one can trust it. Am, I correct?

Correct.. when timelock is up the FSN automatically gets send back to your wallet so there’s no risk there if that’s your concern.The only risk is the rewards. Which the pool operators here are pretty good with making sure it’s send out.

Sorry, do not quite understand that. Why it might be a problem? I expect it should be based on math and rules... Are there any stats per pool to see how rewards are calculated? I know some tokens require minimum staking period, do we have something like that with FSN? Wallet does not show that, so I guess that is setup by the pool owners ...

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Their deposits and withdrawals are closed

They have no right to deny Investors to withdraw their FSN ERC20 tokens.

Hey....I bought some fusion over a year ago and have them stored in MEW. If I purchase some additional fsn today can they still be stored in MEW or is not erc20 tokens anymore?Thanks

I wonder how Fusion can do this🤷‍♂

We have to see what develops, but a straightforward thing to do would be to ensure that we can lock in NCC, Neurochain's token to access Fusion's advanced features.

This thing with the 2 token system as well as exchanges if not dealt with swiftly will come back and haunt them and us investors in the future.

⁃ 2 token system ⁃ Exchange issue with both erc20 and native FSN ⁃ Exchange deposits/withdrawals ⁃ accountability and transparency within organization ⁃ Come up with a solution to restore trust and confidence within our community and general crypto community ⁃ 3rd party audits ⁃ Take a good look at where the foundation is at right now, what’s the value proposition. ⁃ Laser focus on their value proposition and come up with a executable action plan to put themselves in the position for real adoption. ⁃ Mission statement and set milestonesAsk yourself this... If Foundation can’t even solve these simple problems for which they have full control. How will they solve issues and challenges for future partners they work with?They are trying to work with FIs and Central banks. The decision makers will chew them up and spit them right out and show them the door.Most banks have already created blockchain departments within their banks 2-3 years ago. Depending on the size of the banks most have spend tens of millions on Blockchain and coming up with their own digital assets. A number of large custodian banks have done POCs to issue bonds on the Blockchain and DLT as early as 2013.What does Fusion have to offer them..

ok, everything is fine, I took it into account, we will overcome it

I hope you are right Dima... we will overcome... let’s start by overcoming the current issues with 2 token system, exchanges, etc... that’s a good place to start

Hi what was done about Token theft in the end? Also if we have staked tokens what happens to those particularly those due to be unstaked shortly?

I need to check it but know it's due to unlock soon. Have others got their staked tokens back? What happened about the theft and exchange halt?

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I don’t think that would be something like a concert.

I sent the rest of My erc 20 to the 0x1111 etc I see it on the block chain but I never got my mainnet tokens back

You can see the mainnet tokens have been sent to your wallet address on the fusion network, but they dont appear when you log into mfw?

When huobi will be support maiinnet token?