All coins exept REN is ponzi 😄

MakerDAO, Kyberswap, curve token (when that arrives) and comp all make money and returns it to investors.

So ethereum is ponzi, Ren should change then the underlying technology

Ethereum runs a lot of stuff on the platform, that buys Ethereum to do it.I would call it a Ponzi, except the money goes to miners that perform work.Ethereum is more like a work token, as it doesn’t really benefit past investors, it only benefits the miners that you pay gas for working

Fusion Network. One chain to rule them all, fueled by the FSN token. Doesn’t allow interchain swap between chains, only to and from Fusion Network.In this way, Ren and Fusion are not competitors.

RenVM wants to bring interoperability to everything and Fusion wants to bring everything to Fusion Network.Not competitors. RenVM + Polkadot would be a competitor, but for all that Ren cares, that is a fight the bigger fish has to make.

Isn't a compiteter to Anyswap?

Two different things bro yearn is a aggregator while anyswap is a cross chain uniswap

i think Anyswap direct competitor is more to DEX focusing on Cross Chain Swaps and LP

but there are so many DEFI Functions can be integrated into Anyswap that can differentiate us from competitors like Lending, Borrowing with utilisation of ANY

I would like to see Wedefi to make an extension on Chrome like metamask , but can store every type of coins on the planet!So everyone can store their FSN easily , this will bring adoption and many more use cases

Many projects are in the same space but Fusion still has its winning qualities.

fact is we are ignored by whole crypto space, but on the Brightside , we can gain significant position just from here :)) it is up to mANY factors to decide 😂

But history likes to repeat itself

History repeats itself, doesn't it?

Crypto investors are the worst i swear.

gerren •
Mainet has been out since last year

thx newbie here? how would u summarize fusion in one sentence? what does it do, what does purpose native token serve? Any edge over comptetitors?

Adam Schlansky
so what is the difference with polkadot?

Different approaches to interoperability. But hard to compare both as competitors. You could simply lock in Polkadot onto Fusion and become interoperable with everything

Hey Fusionites, what wallet can store Fusion FSN?

I know I know.. our day will come.. so the story goes lol

Hey folks, just want to give a tip, when you post on Twitter about $FSN, make sure you include other cash tags, such as $btc, $eth, $ltc, $xrp, and any other competitor tokens. We are way under valued and we need to spread our reach. 👍👍

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Hi all. About to invest in FSN. Does anyone here have any theories as to why FSN has not (yet) benefitted from the DeFi boom?

i think most important for Fusion in DEFI Space now is to make ANYSWAP Live with all we start only FSN/ANY, no doubt we dont have strong interest from BTC , ETH, LTC, XRP and other token investors.....nedt you will ask "When more Pairs"....Answer in advance is "Soon"

Also I noticed low volume on exchange and historical price difference huobi exchange was 5 times more expensive than bittrex or okex 1/1/2020 for instance, why is it so? It seems strange to me such price variation among different exchange

Can you store mainnet fsn on ledger?

And Fusion even more?

Yes yes worldwide news when we beat the bitcoin first time of the crypto history

Let's make staking exciting for new Fusionites @georgesemail. What about a full month 1000 full FSN rewards daily promotion!! Each node have a chance to win if they have at least 1 ticket running. Use the RNG random number generator to pick a future block number. There is like 40k FSN to use for monthly, right? Pools have advanced because of more tickets but the share is also smaller. So Fusionites can decide on their own if they want it all or nothing 😁


Fusion metrics from CMC, interesting fact is that 83% are holding for more than an year and only 3% new investors, that number should raise with the marketing strategy gng on

Very interesting. Means prices should skyrocket if we get some adoption via liscences.

Absolutely, I just compared with band and there are about 90% new investors in less than a month, also fusion miss the defi tag I hope that fixes soon

And by the way, i just corrected him. If he is this huge fusion investor he would know that fusion is a coin and not a token. Thats all.

Thanks, hope DJ agrees and George will do something with it. In this way (with this form of marketing) I don't see a top 30 happening within 5 months. Unless anyswap will soon list new pairs and this will be a success + wedefi will be back up and running with hopefully new services and features

You are right bulk of the investors come from YouTube and Twitter marketing. I doubt if majority of the investors read and understand the medium articles but they are still useful I believe but other means of marketing is also important and I trust George completely we just need to give him some time

Fusion represents a complete vision of cryptofinance. This is a term that Fusion created and we should be proud of it, meaning that we shouldn't necessarily try to jump on the DeFi bandwagon. We will be here when the whole DeFi bubble has blown up and the reason is that we are focused on real world financial applications. Take as an example AXP, the used car sellers. Fusion has quietly been putting in place the building blocks to enable monitoring of lender's bank accounts using Chainlink oracles, so that tokenised debt assets can be created on Fusion. For sure inter-operability and decentralised exchange of value are important, but none of it means anything unless real world issues are addressed. Let's not compare ourselves too closely with some of these other fly by night tokens in the DeFi space. We are the real deal, even if a lot of crypto fanatics can't see it yet.

@gn1733388real everything ok with the pool?

Yes everything ok, we are going to put a new monitor website tomorrow

HiFSN is ERC20 token?Can it be stored in an ENJ wallet?Thanks.

If marketing doesnt start posting on fbook soon im dumping fusion

Be patient. It seems FSN is in accumulation stage by new partners / investors. It doesn't require marketing. The breakout will come, with the news of new partners joining.

I might buy RIO again, when FSN appears on their exchange and if there is a dip. It feels like a fine exchange, especially if you are an accredited investor (not me unfortunately).

Yaroslav Kuntsevych
and Fusion will use chainlink to get prices via their oracles - is this correct? so it's 1:1 or someone payes someone?

One of the uses I saw was for Fusion to use Chainlink to monitor peoples bank accounts to see if loan repayments had been made (AXP).

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There is a lot of anti Russian rhetoric here. Please read above.

So he wanted to be a dictator with power

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How about social / racial profiling, but either way it’s done

Yeah, maybe it would even be construed as racism, I dont really know. Either way, there are good and bad people everywhere, judging people based on their origin is dumb and using it in a derogatory way is not acceptable.

Whether it can be used on a large scale is the key factor to whether it is valuable or not,

fusion block explorer :Assets, time-lock balance, but why is there no transaction history menu now?