What was the story?

Peter Parker
Why has the price gone to hell? What happened??

Nothing has happened to the price at all. Coinmarketcap have just realised Huobi have suspended withdrawal/deposits, so they’re not counting it in the average price anymore. The Huobi price is ridiculously distorted compared to everywhere else.

Please nano s can store the native fsn??🙄

Fusion should look into partnering and integrating and enabling FIO protocol on MFW. FIO protocol is an open source protocol that’s being developed by Dapix a venture capital firm. Their lead investor is Binance.FIO is already working with 28 industry partners that will integrate the FIO protocol when they launch their Mainnet in Q1 2020. Partners consist of wallet, exchanges and crypto payment processors. They are trying to do for blockchain what http did for the internet. Make it easy and safe to use across all blockchain. They are not going after Blockchain interoperability but Interwallet Operability. FIO does not integrate with underlying blockchain but integrate between wallets and exchanges Basically a usability layer, workflow send metadata with notes and invoices for payments in a completely decentralized private way without revealing users public address. They will have these upon Mainnet launch in Q1 2020.Later will have things like recurring payments, a feature that Fusion will want to have with lending. Their most recent partner that is looking to integrate FIO is Nexo.FIO allows users of wallets that are FIO enable to send payment via an email address on the wallet’s domain that have FIO enable instead of public wallet address.It’s like Zelle for fiat payments between banks in the United States but FIO is for crypto wallets, exchanges and crypto businesses.I think this will really help fusion, will allow Fusion to tap into their ecosystem as well as adding to Fusion’s [email protected] @johnl1 @Zhaojun_sh
DJ Qian
many? does it include okex?

Ok i agree okex is legit..but dont you think that the credibility decreases among the investor community if we see two different prices like this

I would like to make some testimonials, a corporate movie, or other video productions to highlight to strength of the fusion ecosystem. In order to do so I would want to film some in depth interviews with John (adoption), DJ (the vision) and perhaps some partners to get their sight of the story. Is there a way to accomplish such video’s? I’m Europe based so filming in Zurich, for example, would not be a problem for me. I’m a cameraman/editor myself so perhaps in combination with a vfx/motion designer we can make some interesting productions.Is there a way to arrange something or is with the imminent launch of DCRM hard to set up a date?

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if I transfer a ticket from keystore account to ledger account, will that impact anything?

you can not run a node with a ledger wallet. You need a keystore file+ password file on the node.

I mean I have a node running with the keystore file, if I sent a ticket to my ledger, the rewards will go to the ledger right

And the reward would go to the keystore

Johan Pihl
If there was something agreed on sure, but don't think there has been.

We really need to think about fusion investors/supporters who invested into fusion because fsn got listed on bittrex do they just loose their funds.

I clicked on send asset but it did nothing

you using a nano ledger? or logging in with keystore+password/priv key? and you're sending your tokens to someone for 3 years?

Hi FSN team,Could I please ask for a clarification regarding token swap process.I have read the URL from the site: And it is a bit unclear which original wallet can be used. Must it be myEtherWallet? For example if I use Trust Wallet, I cannot see my key pair …And how can I create the matching key pair for the Should I do “wallet restore” using the 12 word phrase to ensure it has the same key pair? How can I verify that the same key pair is actually created?Would be nice if an Admin might clarify that process.Thanks, Mike

I do not mind to download and create a new wallet, send ERC20 FSN to it first and then do the swap, it is not a problem, just let me know which wallet have been used before and what at the steps to ensure the correct key peer. My undestanding is - if some wallet can hold both - ERC20 and native FSN, then I can restore that wallet with the prase, etc. and cleally see that restored ERC20 address is the same as, say in Trust walle. That will prove that this will have the same Pkey. But, would be nice to know which wallet that should be, there are handreds of wallets which can hold ERC20

Do you have a keystore for your ERC20 address?

The peer is Private key + public key, what the keystore is?

I just have checked - on Trust or Cobe there is no support for native FSN. So to check it should be some other wallet. Or we need more details about the process which will explain how the keys are going to be linked. Say, If I restore the myFusionwalelt with the same 12 keywords, I would expect the Pkey should be the same. Have that been tried by anyone?

Mike S
I just have checked - on Trust or Cobe there is no support for native FSN. So to check it should be some other wallet. Or we need more details about the process which will explain how the keys are going to be linked. Say, If I restore the myFusionwalelt with the same 12 keywords, I would expect the Pkey should be the same. Have that been tried by anyone?

When you send ERC20 FSN from your ERC20 address to the swap address on website, you can then go to and login with same private key to see it swapped to native FSN. Try sending 0.5 FSN. You don't have to create or restore anything on Should work the same as login into your Trust wallet

Is hotbit where we buy fsn also can of be stored on ledger ?

You can also buy erc20 FSN and store on ledger for the time being

ehammer [will not message you first]
Their deposits and withdrawals are closed

They have no right to deny Investors to withdraw their FSN ERC20 tokens.

Hey....I bought some fusion over a year ago and have them stored in MEW. If I purchase some additional fsn today can they still be stored in MEW or is not erc20 tokens anymore?Thanks

Fusion should ally itself closely with French blockchain project Neurochain, which is in talks with the French government who are planning the digital Euro :-
Fusion is excited to announce that two exceptional individuals, Justin Sun and Hassan Khan, have joined the Fusion team, serving as the Head of Business Development (Europe), and Director of Engineering respectively.
J - King of the GIFS
Can't miss an opportunity when you have a product :)

First of all we don’t really have a working product yet. Second the company with the best tech does not always gain widespread adoptions. That’s the reality and history have shown this time and time again...

I'm always on board with the criticism, but some people have a strange idea of how you make business with the public sector, especially in Europe. You don't just walk into Macron's office you know. We've been providing accounting services to our local federal state senate for 15 years now and still sometimes have a hard time just getting an appointment with a state council. The Foundation is smaller than us and a foreign company, that doesn't make it easier.

This thing with the 2 token system as well as exchanges if not dealt with swiftly will come back and haunt them and us investors in the future.

⁃ 2 token system ⁃ Exchange issue with both erc20 and native FSN ⁃ Exchange deposits/withdrawals ⁃ accountability and transparency within organization ⁃ Come up with a solution to restore trust and confidence within our community and general crypto community ⁃ 3rd party audits ⁃ Take a good look at where the foundation is at right now, what’s the value proposition. ⁃ Laser focus on their value proposition and come up with a executable action plan to put themselves in the position for real adoption. ⁃ Mission statement and set milestonesAsk yourself this... If Foundation can’t even solve these simple problems for which they have full control. How will they solve issues and challenges for future partners they work with?They are trying to work with FIs and Central banks. The decision makers will chew them up and spit them right out and show them the door.Most banks have already created blockchain departments within their banks 2-3 years ago. Depending on the size of the banks most have spend tens of millions on Blockchain and coming up with their own digital assets. A number of large custodian banks have done POCs to issue bonds on the Blockchain and DLT as early as 2013.What does Fusion have to offer them..

Fsn monitor is broken?


I want to store my money on my personal wallet and not in a bank account

Why somebody have to store my money if with a bitEURO I can do that by myself?

And I have to pay the bank every month for their service, just to store my money.