anyone know if the snapshot for "Bounty 4: Generate a Universal Short Account Number (USAN)" has been taken?

Chance is a bitch

its not.. some ppl abuse the network. there should be an app to find out who is getting more rewards all day. in like a month ppl should get what the deserve by their chance. a lot of ppl are getting constantly less rewards then they should get.

He's asking for proof because right now it's anecdotal

i would tell you if i would have proof of it. but i always remember a pool telling us they are tweaking their nodes to get better rewards for their customers

Am I able to swap MainNet to ERC using the bridge?

Some on and vote1 just below my assets with send action

The nov 26 to forever show as available whatever that means and the rest just active

What happened to DCRM marketing. I thought we have learned from the Holly days. Do not want to spend money. Ama with Mr Khan and Mr son. Spend pennys get monkeys. Why 2 million giveaway on hotbit? Nobody uses hotbit only botts

My fusion mainnet swap did not work now what

I can see it on the blockchain just not in my wallet

You can see the mainnet tokens have been sent to your wallet address on the fusion network, but they dont appear when you log into mfw?

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There’s 40 partnerships and not a single update on any of them since they were announced, strange no? Oh and Afghanistan is on hold, so should it really even be on the website? Probably not. You need to temper expectations unless you actually only wanted to cause a short term pump in the first place....

Q: What is Fusion’s runway? How much $USD and crypto does foundation have? What is the burn rate? Will Fusion publish regular (quarterly/half-yearly) financial reports in the future?A: Financial transparency is also a major target in the future.That’s completely swerving