The Coni
how long will the excess ETH be returned after the ICO?

It will be returned by the smart contract. I believe that will happen quite fast after the close of the crowd event

i dont get the tokens. How much of the tokens r being sold and how many held

You can see on Fusion's website. 20.48mn are sold in the public stage. the circulating supply consists ot these 20.48mn + angel allocation + presale allocation + community allocation. In total 55% of 81.92mn

小 爬虫
I read whitepaper,why it is the same as wanchain?

Thats a great question. Theoretically, Wanchain promises to do similar things. However in practice some of those are very difficult to achieve due to technical limitations. Which FUSIONs architecture will overcome (pls read the WP ... 🙃). But to give a couple of examples: ETH architecture is sort of passive - Smart contracts need to be activated 'manually' whereas FUSION architecture will actively run Calling Lists on the various nodes, allowing automated execution, for example in response to external triggers. FUSION also allows parallel computing - splitting tasks across several nodes, improving performance/speed. Not to mention - the special Private Key handling mechanism ensures interoperability with all blockchains - I doubt this much can be said, in practical terms, on wanchain. So, various aspects of execution will be much better.

Long Tran
but no email reply, is it right

There are thousands of sign ups (actually, well over 12,000...) Due to an overwhelming response from the community, and the type of some of the registration requests we received, the confirmation emails are delayed. As posted by @Yonatakac in detail on Jan 26th, many of the requests included invalid addresses, which we must now carefully filter and vet before responding to. We hope to finish this in about a week. This will in no way affect your participation in the crowdsale (this registration was NOT a WL or KYC) nor do you have to resend.

lets say the sale ends in a day, will we get the tokens right away or how long will that take?

The sale will not end in a day. It will end on Feb 11th. People will be able to continue contributing to the smart contract until Feb 11. Then there will be a pro-rata allocation of their contribution, and the amount not converted to FSN tokens will be returned to the senders

which will not be a dutch auction they said :)

True. It is not a dutch sale. it is actually listed on the website

which I think benefits the whales.

What is better? whales taking all blocks in ten minutes, or everyone getting a proportion of the ico?

Mac D
I understand you will be addressing Vechain saying they have no affiliation with you. Is there any chance you can please describe how this could have been misunderstood? You have people lining up to give you money, so its important that if it is untrue that it is dispelled so we can move on with business.

Hi Mac D. I fully understand your question. DJ will be available to answer this on the AMA, and the Foundation will issue an official PR later today in English and in Chinese. I have not read the Vechain publication in English, and I do not rely on translation websites, so I prefer that an official answer is given to you

You do not need to register for the sale

Simply participate in the public event when it starts on Feb 1

Prakash Gupta
I’ve registered and not received any emails. Is that ok?

yes, there are many many thousands of emails to be reviewed. responses will only be sent afterwards

Why do you skip KYC ?

KYC process was designed under the counsel of Fusion legal counsel. There will be KYC measures implemented, but not the KYC process that I believe you are referring to

Dear Fusion TG channel participants. It was a pleasure to be here with you. I am stepping down and Noam will continue answering your questions. Good day all