is anyone from the fusion team here?

@High5ociety fancy seeing you here

The submit button isn’t working

submit button isnt here

jesus christ guys

right aout now they'll sen a message saying "oh registrations full"

when nobody could register

aight so what are we doing about this?

i bet they'll all of a sudden have the program full

am i th eonly one getting please try later?

anyone gotten the email yet?

so the email's not whitelist

Do you have a date when the crowdsale registrations are opening?

When is the expected date for crowdsale registration?

still no email confirmation

is that still in the works?

DJ didnt address the fact that VeChain isnt involved with him

he just said it hurts him

that they'd say those things

but doesnt explain how was the founder of vechain or qtum or actual background?