Who said 5weeks?

J McGready
$2 today $200 in 2019

Not a chance, and if it happens please message me ahah

Asad Khan
I'll remind you

Waiting for your message ahah! And I’ll be a millionaire so we will celebrate 🎉

its not just lending,, its also the possibility to create options on crypto

We don’t have any pictures of the offices apparently 😂

Andres Casasnovas
I am following up with the team regarding this

I know, but it doesn’t seems very complicated to realizes ! But we will be patient

I think supreme nodes will need to be kyc'd and permissioned. I don't see another solution in the interim

I don’t think a 51% attack would work, as the number of token to verify transactions will vary ! For now it’s 5,000 but du said it might increase

Ofcourse i also hope those kind of scenarios but i am little bit more skeptical 😄

Couple hundreds of dollar are not likely to happen ! But still, we can still do a x10 from this price a eoy

What has this group turn into 😂

I want a bigger feedback on this meeting 😢

Is there any updates on summer or fusion? Are we expecting any news this week? I know the mainnet is delayed, but maybe we’ve reached a milestone, or we are in contact with a new business ? Thanks

Applied* would be more appropriate

Wow FSN going up, haven’t seen this in a long time 😌

Hello! Any updates on the roadmap? I think we are missing couple points on Q3. Do we have updates on the 100bn$ lock in? Thanks

Hello guys, I was wondering when the roadmap will be updated... Because right now the milestones for Q3 seems far away, I am refering to : -Improve smart contract development and derivative creation tools, and complete more than $1Bn transacted in smart contracts and with time lock function. -Get commitment for $100Bn of distributed control services on the FUSION blockchain and promote their lock-in. -Execute smooth token transition to main chain. Release smart contract browser and core FUSION wallet. -Creation of Fusion Genesis Block. Thanks

Thanks, I hope to see this changement soon 😄